Полугодие Ивана Купалы

Вечерами арамбольское побережье превращается в ночь Ивана Купалы. И так, судя по всему, будет продолжаться до апреля. Русский Народ могуч, жизнелюбив и целеустремлен. Знает Дело свое главное и нехитрое -))
..siberia i also hated every kid around me as well as the teachers. They literally shocked me in every possible way. Very soon i understood i had very little- if anything- in common with these creatures,and i refused on them).
I find it boring and cheap to spend time depicting their lives and customs. There are so many things worth talking about and you with your style and somewhat unique demenour could do that for our further joy. Its sad that you prefeted to fight these mills made of monkey manure to more deep and meaningful posts.